We have submitted for our building permit. We have comments back from Seattle Department of Planning and Development. And we have made corrections according to those comments. And we wait.

I have this mental image of my drawings sitting, rolled up, in a lovely little bundle on someone’s desk down at DPD. There they sit, right next to:

an empty Starbucks cup

a  half eaten scone

notes from last week’s departmental meeting

cell phone and reading glasses

framed photo of Fido…

Meanwhile the glow of facebook is shining over a governmental employee’s shoulder. Sigh.


The name you ask?

May 21, 2009

Broken Down House On Fire

Broken Down House On Fire

Here I begin our family’s blog, of our newest house project. The name  comes from our young friend, Sylvia. Sylvia is 6 now, but was about 3 or 4 when she dubbed it this… and it stuck.  

The house had had a fire about 5-6 years ago. Word on the street was that the owner’s grandchild was playing with matches, and started the fire. Not sure if that is true or not and fortunately, no one was hurt, but the house was destroyed. The family moved out, and it sat vacant for a number of  years.

We had our eyes on it, as we do most properties in our neighborhood, when our friend, neighbor and friendly real estate agent Jon Hughes, of  City Life Realty, contacted us and said the owner was ready to sell. We loved the location (well, what’s not to love, its in Madrona!) and the property’s western exposure. In Seattle, every little square inch of extended daylight counts!!

So, a deal was made and off we’ve run. Stay tuned.