While the little boy of the family most physically resembles his father, it is the little girl who is quite like him.

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Father’s Day 2009

June 22, 2009

And a happy one it was! We started the day with making breakfast and opening homemade cards and gifts. The highlight of those were the tie dyed socks. MacGuyver was quite pleased. You cannot beat homemade gifts from a 6 year old.


While Graceland appreciates the bit of colorful flair these socks giver MacGuyver, she mostly appreciates how hard he is working – day and night – on this new home. He has been putting in many early hours at  Broken Down House on Fire, and then quickly changing – Presto!- into a project manager at a swank downtown construction company. And never a complaint is uttered from MacGuyver about the long (and very early) hours of his day. 

Let It Also Be Known, that Graceland is most grateful for MacGuyver teaching their kids that they can do/build/create anything!


Peter and neighbor friend, Quinn, nailing down the floor of the shed.

June 15, 2009

The good thing about the location of our new abode is that its quite near some very strong, capable and industrious kids. And ya know what? We’re hiring!

Thanks to our ‘short staff’: Griffin, Jacob and Peter. Also thanks to Steve and Keaton, not pictured. Next time they get top billing.short staff


June 15, 2009

One thing about MacGuyver is that he is a total Do-It-Yourself kinda guy. Anything and everything. Here he jackhammering away the concrete from the old foundation on a very hot Saturday (yes, HOT, even by Alabama standards)….jackhammer man

Time to set sail…

June 5, 2009

approved stamp1 month to the day of submittal and our construction permit is ready! Are we ship shape and ready to go? YIKES!!!!

Today the temporary power pole was erected. MacGuyver manhandled it in to place, Graceland helped out a bit too. It doesn’t look like much, but that sucker is HEAVY! power pole