cable-cat5-category-Ok folks. What to do here. Do we wire this house with CAT5 cable, just like the last one, or not bother? In the previous house every room had a connection, but not a one was ever used. We were wireless. Everything was wireless. I often wondered if all our wireless things were silently chatting with each other. The only thing that interfered with our wireless modem was our refrigerator (due to its location and the location of our home office/modem) but we managed to work around that. Maybe it was jealous that it wasn’t wireless either. It did have a certain mysterious random hum that drove us crazy…

 So, has CAT5 cable already come and gone for residential use?

Any input here is welcome.


Cocktails on the deck tonight!

September 26, 2009

rusty nailWhat do you serve for cocktail hour at a construction site? Why, Rusty Nails and Screwdrivers of course! Come on over!

Antonio y Craig

September 26, 2009

IMG_0807Here are our framers. Craig Stevens, on the right, is the owner of the biz and Antonio is his lead carpenter. They did a fabulous job, and super fast as well. I don’t think that Antonio works for the FBI. I don’t know though. If I did, he might have to kill me.

Antonio is great. His native language is Spanish and his English is perfect. The other guys in their  crew are also spanish speakers. It pains me that I can’t speak their language! One funny story was when we asked them to frame in a little opening at the top of the stair landing, I described it as a ‘peek-a-boo’ window. I asked Antonio how you would say that in Spanish. He just looked at me with a super straight face and said (with a pretty heavy accent), “Peek   A   Boo.” Well, there you are.  Somethings do translate.

Sweeping away the tears

September 14, 2009

Georgia - MazamaWhat do you do when your beloved companion of nearly 14 years dies? You head straight over to your construction site and start sweeping. And sweeping and sweeping and sweeping.  All I could think of was my mom asking me why I needed to run around the block when what she thought I should do was ‘constructive exercise.’  Today, that is all I could do. No running, walking or swimming, just sweeping. Get something done, get a little blood flowing after a sleepless night and please, let the healing begin.

As each tear plopped on to the new concrete I thought about how much my Georgia meant to me. Not only was she a beautiful animal to behold, she was a dear inside. She loved me like no other and would follow me around the house, always having to be in the room I was in. After I had baby Peter and was constantly up and downstairs getting toys, diapers or checking on a napping babe she would trot upstairs with me and as soon as I was done she would trot right back down again. I would get so frustrated by the clicking of her nails on the wood stairs but, of course, that never woke Peter up. I miss those nail clicks now.

We did get to have 4 and 1/2 extra years with Georgia. When she was 9 she had a slipped disk, slowly became paralyzed and, then, come to find out post surgery, a broken vertebrae. Many dollars and two pins in her back later she could walk again, albeit a little stiff. We thought it was a bit a miracle that she was still with us. I can remember bringing her home from the vet with a GIANT suture line all the way down her back. We stopped at a red light and a homeless man came up to our window to ask for money. He looked inside, saw Georgia sitting next to me, rather Frankenstein-like, and he said, “Whoa! You take care there!”

Georgia also had a way of making the non dog lovers, dog lovers. Well, at least dog likers. She was full of personality and pretty much knew what everyone was doing around her. She would work the crowd, always wanting to be the center of attention and truly pouting if she didn’t get her way. I don’t think many dogs could express as many emotions as Georgia could.

It is so hard to write this, I can’t really believe its true. I am sad to think we will move into our new house without her. I will say that she did spend her last night with us, at Broken Down House on Fire. We foolishly decided at the last minute to camp out at our house. It was a horrible night’s sleep for all, but she was right there with us, like she always was.

Georgia – I love you. I always will. It is because of you that Brian and I got to know each other and then married and had children and started this whole crazy adventure. I had a dog, he had a dog, and Hey!, let’s go for walk! Our friendship and romance blossomed with you by our side. You will forever, forever, forever be in our hearts.

Ladmar’s Georgia Rose – February 7, 1996 – September 13, 2009