Just under the skin

October 30, 2009

siding 10-30-09Siding is going up and its looking good! All the Hardi panel is up on the ‘shed’ side of the house, and now the smaller, cedar, preprimed shiplap siding is happening. Bogden and crew from the Ukraine are doing a fabulous job. And just under the skin of our house we are using a new material called Home Slicker. In our rainy climate you need all the help you can get!



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Graceland treked north to view the siding that was primed at a shop in Everett. The shop was located right next to the Boeing Plant. As I was driving along airplane hulls and trucks with giant cylindrical things on their beds I was wondering what kind of shop this was. But tucked back, literally behind Paine Field, is a place that primes wood and sends it out all over the country. It seemed so out of place and strange amidst all the aluminum and plastic and the gigantic airplane hangers. Kinda made me proud…not sure why…just being in the proximity of such a huge endeavor makes Broken Down House On Fire a little more special. To us at least!

A tribute to our old casa

October 26, 2009

3505 E Olive 2 Entry smallHere at BrokenDownHouseOnFire we are very excited and pleased to see our old home featured in Seattle Metropolitan magazine. Its a wonderful house and we’re thrilled that it no belongs to someone who loves and appreciates it as much as we did. That house has good karma, and we hope that blesses everyone who enters.


Anything but…

October 12, 2009


birthday-cakeIt was Graceland’s birthday this past week. She started off her birthday with a morning  visit to Broken Down House on Fire to meet with the landscape architect and Larry from Pile King. Graceland knows how to celebrate.

Once inside the house it was a beehive of activity! Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and siding contractors working away, Graceland was greeted with many ‘Happy Birthdays’, in multiple languages. Thank you, MacGuyver, for letting everyone on site know it was a very special day.

First Fenestration

October 7, 2009

first window

The super nice Ukrainian window installer poses for me with our first installed window.

fen·es·tra·tion (fn-strshn)

1. The design and placement of windows in a building.

2. An opening in the surface of a structure, as in a membrane.

3. The surgical creation of an artificial opening in the bony part of the inner ear so as to improve or restore hearing.

Ok, so it’s not number 3.



house 10-4Status as of Monday October 5, 2009:

House Framed. Roof on. Plumbing roughed in. Electrical getting there. Radiant heat installed. Siding subcontractor starting today awaiting 1 pm window delivery. Meeting tomorrow with structural engineer and framer to finish/revise/rethink details that very difficult building inspector flagged.