Time to make the doughnuts!

November 13, 2009

doughnutsRemember that Dunkin’ Donuts commercial? We still say that around here. MacGuyver was up and out at O’dark O’clock. He does this every morning without fail, and without grumbling. Amazing.

MacGuyver is headed over to BrokenDownHouseonFire to get the place ready for the day. Framers are coming today to finish out any last minute framing details. Then the insulation, then, yes, you got it – DRYWALL! And at that point, we are halfway done.

Pass the doughnuts please.


Chaos Central

November 12, 2009

gas meterHere at Chaos Central  HQ we strive to live up to our name. As if normal life with jobs, kids, pets, school, homework, bills, before-school language classes, after-school music lessons, soccer practices, swim team, orthodontic appointments, H1N1 vaccinations, PTA meetings and then (inhale… deep breath out….), trying to squeeze in a little fun here and there weren’t enough, why not throw in a good old-fashioned gas leak to add to the confusion?

Yep, there was a leak today at BrokenDownHouseonFire. No cause for alarm though. It was caught, (or rather smelled) quickly, and Puget Sound Energy came right out to fix it. Seems we had a hairline crack in an elbow joint of the pipe going into the house. And in the true spirit of the glass-half-full-attitude, we are grateful this did not turn into a bigger issue. We wouldn’t want to have created BrokenDownHouseonFire x 2.

Hey Mythbusters!!!

November 10, 2009

mythbusters_plausible_sprayDear Adam and Jamie

I wanted to introduce you to MacGuyver. He’s my husband and the contractor of our project. But, as his web name might imply, he is more than just a contractor. He’s one of you! He can fix/rig/invent/create most anything with the simplest of materials. He is happiest with a roll of ductape or cordless drill in hand. And, he’s good at it to boot. I know, I am an architect and his wife. Nothing slips by my quality control.

He is a wiz at math, (he does math in his head for fun- go figure). I could easily see him helping you guys out testing and calculating some myth to the Nth degree. If you are ever short handed, or need some new blood, or find yourself in Seattle, please give us a call. We are huge fans of your show, and I think you and MacGuyver would get along famously.



old-oven-300x300This morning Graceland could be found standing in a drenching rain outside of Albert Lee Appliance warehouse, along with several hundred other bargain obsessed folks. You see, it was AL’s annual Scratch and Dent sale. The doors opened at 9 a.m., and Graceland was there, in line, at 7, braving the freezing squalls. And she was NOT anywhere close to being the first in line!

Ah well. There were deals to be had and she found a few items on sale – a DCS cooktop, a front loading washer and dryer set, and even, a cute garbage disposal.

My so-called glamorous life

November 4, 2009

fomofil2Why is it, in movies, that architects are portrayed as living such glamorous and exciting lives? Well, folks, don’t believe everything you see. For example, Graceland spent her day yesterday filling holes with a Fomofil-like product. She was standing high up on a ladder, squirting a yellowish, whipped-cream like material into little holes in the framing to serve as fire blocking. It expands, drips and makes an icky sticky mess! This is not typically in the architect job description, but it is when its the architect’s own house and MacGuyver is swamped with other work…somebody has to do it! Now, if  Graceland can only get it off her hands…ugh.

In all its glory….