Happiest of holidays

December 20, 2009

 MacGuyver was feeling especially festive and painted our temporary door bright red and added a wreath!

Can’t wait to be in the new abode. 2 -3 months maybe? Let’s hope so.

We wish you happy holidays from Broken Down House on Fire. Merry Christmas!


And the envelope please….

December 14, 2009

Graceland’s mother was an artist. Her favorite color, by far, was turquoise. She didn’t love it, she LLLLUUUUVVVVEEEDDD it. Growing up, the humble abode in Alabama had turquoise everything. Turquoise tchotchkes of all kinds, a turquoise plush sofa in the living room, turquoise rugs, and all the appliances were turquoise. No lie. Graceland remembers coming home for a visit from college, only to find a white dishwasher in the kitchen. Quel horreur!!!! How dare she replace her (albeit broken) turquoise faced dishwasher with a new functional white one.

Well, here’s to let you all know that Graceland’s mom would be proud. The color gurus at Pantone have unveiled the Color of the Year for 2010 as, yes, you guessed it…

Turquoise! And not just any turquoise but specifically Pantone 15-5519.

Be sure to check it out. To quote from their website,

Turquoise Transports Us to an Exciting, Tropical Paradise While Offering a Sense of Protection and Healing in Stressful Times

Here’s to you, Mom. You were right. It is an amazing color. Stay tuned for its introduction into Broken Down House On Fire.

Drywall…and Divine Light?

December 11, 2009

Broken Down House on Fire has gone through an amazing transformation lately. And it seems that the stress level for MacGuyver and Graceland has been drastically reduced too. You see, before the drywall goes up, there is an incredible pressure to get anything and everything you want (and/or can afford) exactly where you want it located. All the light fixtures, all the plumbing, any wiring for potential future lights, speakers, fans etc. The list is endless. Then, at some point, you call it quits and are Ready For Cover.

We’ve done it. We’re covered. The drywall is up and is being painted as I write. But, for the record, here’s a few photos during the drywalling process. We are happy campers!

Graceland and her daughter are currently reading The Little House on the Prairie. It is a wonderful glimpse into an early Western United States pioneer family’s life. Can I just let you know, dear Reader, that Graceland is grateful she is not a pioneer? She wouldn’t have made it over the Mississippi River.

Building a home for yourself is hard enough in this era of modern technology. Heck, just going to Lowe’s is a chore. But these things are such minutia when you think of Charles Wilder packing up his little family and schlepping all their stuff in a covered wagon to the middle of a prairie where there is nothing but grass (and unfriendly yet tolerant Indians).  And then, building your own home, log by log, with simple hand tools, all by yourself!?!

Can you even imagine?!?

All the while, taking care of your three tiny girls, hunting for your own food everyday,  and making sure your petticoats are ironed.

Graceland is in awe of the early pioneers. And ever more grateful for modern conveniences.