No glass ceilings here!

January 28, 2010

Just wood ones. Plywood ceilings are in, in the gabled section of the upstairs. Love it!


Where have we been?

January 27, 2010

Things, here, at Broken Down House on Fire blog, have been very quiet lately. Sorry ’bout that.

Here’s a few updates:

Family trip to Costa Rica. Made us wonder why we are building a house in cold, rainy Seattle and not warm, sunny San Jose.

New addition to our family. Meet ‘On the Lamb Ringo Rico Rojo’. Better known as Ringo. He’s a crazy puppy, as all puppies are,┬ábut we’re in love (everyone but the feline members of our family) and we think Georgia would approve.

And the house? It is cruising right along. Tile is done in Master Bath and Kids Bath. Waiting for a flooring delivery. Still hashing it out with the City of Seattle regarding a street use permit to construct a retaining wall so our property does not slough off into the street.

More to come so stay tuned!

Date night

January 27, 2010

Some might think Graceland and MacGyver lead exciting, jet setting lives. With our recent family excursion to Costa Rica we could see how that might be a simple assumption. But no, we are really boring and even get excited over a date night filled with cleaning.
Here’s my handsome date. Irresistibile, huh!?!