It takes a village to raise a child

March 15, 2010

It certainly does takes a village to raise a child, or two. Fortunately, for Graceland and MacGuyver, they live in the amazing village of Madrona.

Everyone knows a construction site is no place for children. And we haven’t forced our kids to put on a tool belt (yet). But because we have worked on this project 24/7, we’ve needed a little extra help. We’ve received it, and then some! Friends have constantly opened their doors for our kids while we worked. Not only has this allowed us to get a ton of work done but its also given our kids a place of calm refuge. The chaos of our rental situation is astounding, but its has been made more tolerable thanks to the kindness of all our friends.

Broken Down House on Fire is not complete yet, but we want to say a BIG THANK YOU now to everyone for helping us out this year. How many times have people volunteered to watch our kids, feed our kids, had our kids over for sleepovers, shuttle our kids to and fro, as well as just letting us know they are there for us and them? Countless. We could not have built this house without you!!!

Thanks to everyone, especially:

Marjorie, Lee, Ben, Ann, Steve, Griffin, Jacob, Keaton, Christine, Randy, Olivia, Henry, Didi, Tom, Mette, Ada, Waleska, Byron, Krista, Peter, Theo, Ellen, Michael, Aaron, Sylvia, Megan, Sam, Piper, Max, Burke, Dana, Elizabeth, Aden, Phebe, Brian, Jacob, Clara, Tina, Kyle, Easton, Avery, Kim, David, Hannah, Ben, Meg, Owen, Chris, Grace, Kathleen, Nick, Denise, Eric, Quinn, Cassandra, Claire, Dana, Stacey, Mary, Will, Ashlyn, Portia, John, Ria, Theresa, Craig, Jennifer, Greg, Patricia and Nora, to name a few…

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