March madness

March 29, 2010

March madness takes on a different meaning around here.

We move in in about 3 weeks. Hurray!!!!!

Floors are done. Final coat of finish on wood floors. Concrete floors on lower level have sawcut grid completed, are cleaned, and have 3 coats of floor wax on them. Carpet is installed in bedrooms (although they need to fix a wrinkle in Master Closet).

Plumbing is mostly done. All sinks, tubs, showers and toilets are plumbed, with the exception of the powder room toilet which is sitting in the living room. Nice.

Oh, and the Master tub saga. You see, we ordered a tub last summer. But the wrong one was delivered. We sent the wrong one back  and they sent us back the correct one, but didn’t send us the base. We did not figure this out until about 3 weeks ago when we needed the base to install the tub. We went to order the base and now, that particular tub has been discontinued. The manufacturer managed to find one base for us, after searching all of their United States showrooms, and they sent that one to us. Except, when we received it, it was scratched, dinged and cracked. Now they have found us yet another one and are sending us that one from Toronto or Montreal. I hate to think of all the fossil fuel used to get us this tub.

Appliances are delivered. Fridge is sitting on the porch, dishwasher is ON the counter (to get out of the way of the floor finishers) and the oven is too low. Not quite the functional kitchen. But the counters are BEAUTIFUL! An 18 ft long stainless steel counter for the back of the kitchen and a Calcutta Luciano marble island top with a cooktop in the middle. Graceland, MacGuyver and kids cannot wait to cook!!!

Electrical mostly done. Dimmers, switches and outlets installed. We’ll be living with bare bulbs for a while til we save some $$$ for light fixtures.

Cabinetry is getting there. Ikea cabs in kitchen are assembled and getting installed ASAP. MacGuyver is making the rest of the cabinetry, which includes, but certainly not limited to:

Upper cabs and shelves in kitchen, office and above piano – White

Living Room cabs, shelves and window seat – Stained grey

Master bath cabs – Walnut

Studio cabs – Appleply

Painting is mostly done. Touch ups here and there. With the exception of the kids’ rooms (can you say BRIGHT!), everything is white. Simply White, Benjamin Moore OC-117. Its a really beautiful color, er, or lack thereof.

Concrete is done. Rockery done. Drainage done. Hurray! These items were, by far, the biggest hurdles of the whole project.

And, Yard = Mud.


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