Basking in the afternoon sun!

We are here! We’re in. It is not finished, (Is the house of an architect and contractor ever finished?) but this new home is delightful. We are so happy to be here and be opening boxes of beloved stuff we’ve had in storage for a year. Much like Christmas, only better. 

More later. Too much to do right now. So much so, its hard to write a complete sentence. But, there is much to share so keep checking back… House blessings, new trees, friendly neighbors, relieved parents and happy kids. 

Party plans are in the works.


Stay tuned…

April 21, 2010

Moving day.

This is a response my cousin gave me when I asked her if she had drawings for an addition they are planning to their house, located just outside of Atlanta. This is the same cousin who asked me if this was my dream house.  My dear, southern cousin and her hubby are EXTREMELY crafty, talented, creative people, who take on house projects like they were baking cookies. You get the ingredients, you mix ’em together and Viola! you have a wonderful and yummy completed project.

Graceland envies this. As an architect I overthink things. And think and think and think. All that thinking energy could be used to make something nice. My cousin and her hubby are not architects. But, they do have what it takes to make a wonderful home. They let their intuition be their guide.

Ok. A new New Year’s resolution in April? Here it is. Less thinking and more intuition…

There is plenty left to finish on the house and the garden is an open (muddy) slate. It’s this type of approach that will make Broken Down House On Fire our home.

Dream house

April 8, 2010

My cousin asked me recently if this new house was my dream house. It took me a minute to answer, because honestly, that thought had never occurred to me.  I guess the answer should be yes, Yes! I mean, it’s a wonderful house, in a neighborhood I love, in walking distance to  many, if not most of my best friends, my husband’s best friends and my kid’s best friends. Its two blocks from our neighborhood park, which is across the street from a cupcake shop. It’s around the corner from a public library and a little convenience deli that makes good sandwiches. It’s a stone’s throw from great shops, restaurants and even, if you could throw quite far, downtown. And its in easy walking distance to Lake Washington. I mean, seriously, what more could you want?

But a dream house? That’s a term I don’t use lightly. It conjures up all kinds of  lofty thoughts, and frankly, none of which we are thinking right now. We are too  mired in the details and stress of completion, unemployment and tax season. Honestly, it all feels like too much somedays and we want to bury our heads in the sand and dream of days in our first house, playing with our babes in the babypool in the backyard.

In my mind a dream house is a house of ease. No work, no loans, no mud, no cabinets to put together, no shelves to mount. It’s a house where all that is already taken care of and to top it all off, it is sited in a beautiful garden in a warm climate. My dream house is not a big house either. Who wants a big house to worry about, clean, and keep up? And if I had that kind of money to just pay someone to do it for me I think I’d rather spend it on other people and visiting other places. Nope, the big McMansion with formal rooms, and unused spaces, and surpluflous stuff is not for me, not for us. 

My dream house is less about the structure but more about a state of mind. And because we are not in, or any where near that state at this point in time, my answer to my cousin is no, it is not my dream house.