Drawings???? You are talking to us – the ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ people!

April 15, 2010

This is a response my cousin gave me when I asked her if she had drawings for an addition they are planning to their house, located just outside of Atlanta. This is the same cousin who asked me if this was my dream house.  My dear, southern cousin and her hubby are EXTREMELY crafty, talented, creative people, who take on house projects like they were baking cookies. You get the ingredients, you mix ’em together and Viola! you have a wonderful and yummy completed project.

Graceland envies this. As an architect I overthink things. And think and think and think. All that thinking energy could be used to make something nice. My cousin and her hubby are not architects. But, they do have what it takes to make a wonderful home. They let their intuition be their guide.

Ok. A new New Year’s resolution in April? Here it is. Less thinking and more intuition…

There is plenty left to finish on the house and the garden is an open (muddy) slate. It’s this type of approach that will make Broken Down House On Fire our home.

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